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Mango, Carrot, and Oats in Yogurt Squeezy 120g Each - Pack of 6

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Rich in fiber Probiotic-rich yogurt aids digestion Supplements cognitive development Strengthens immune system

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Brand : Lil Goodness

Category : Prebiotic

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  • Rich in fiber 
  • Probiotic-rich yogurt aids digestion 
  • Supplements cognitive development 
  • Strengthens immune system 

Ingredients: Pure mango(50%), Yogurt (22%), Carrot pure(12%), Water sugar oats(5%), Vitamins, Minerals, Stabilizer (pectin).

Key Benefits

With real fruit and vegetables, the squeezy is the perfect on-the-go snack for kids. With easy and recyclable packaging, this is a no-fuss roundabout to all the heavy washing, cutting, and mixing of ingredients. Sans preservatives and artificial flavors, this Squeezy, like its variants, is a treat, easy to carry, and is a perfect blend of carbs, fiber, flavor, and probiotics. If you’re looking to give the best of nutrition to your children while navigating these fast-paced times, this squeezy is your best option.

??IMMUNITY, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: All our variants are fortified with Warrior Mix, which is a combination of 15 different Vitamins and Minerals, known to assist growth, development & immunity building in kids.

CONSUMPTION ON THE GO: It comes in an extremely handy packaging for convenient and easy consumption, especially when you are travelling outside the comfort of your house with your kids.

BALANCED NUTRITION: We focus on making sure that your child is able to eat all essential food types mainly fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy in one go, thereby providing them with balanced nutrition. 

WORLD-CLASS SAFETY STANDARDS AND PROCESSES: We deploy heat sterilization methods/techniques developed by NASA scientists to preserve food items without use of any chemicals and preservatives. All the batches are manufactured in ISO 22000 HACCP facility. Our in-house microbial culture lab tests each and every batch for microbial load and contamination.

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